Today St Francis Xavier’s College celebrated a Mass attended by selected students and visitors to the College.   The mass was held to celebrate and give thanks for the new buildings at the College.  Mr Rippon opened Mass and stated that he would like to especially welcome two of our Trustees Bro Remy Harel and Bro Bob Leaustic. A special welcome was also extended to  Mr McEneny and Mr Choudharry from LCC,  Deacon Paul Mannings representing the Archdiocese, Jim Manning and Peter Bentley representing the Old Boys’ Association together with our Governors.

All at the College are very proud of the new facilities and we are extremely grateful to everyone who made the project possible – Mayor Joe Anderson, Liverpool City Council, Architects, Kier Construction and Governors and Trustees.

The completion of the building programme marks the final piece in the jigsaw of our move from our lower school site on Queens Drive in 2003.

During the offertory different artefacts were brought forward representing the history of the College.  These included:

  • Jim Manning –  tapestry created by a parent of a pupil who attended the original school in Salisbury St
  • Brother Peter – the registers of Y7 in 1983 from the Queens Drive site (he was Head of Y7 at the time)
  • Jamie Maguire Y7 and Jonathan Malone Y8 – their planners and books representing the current school.
  • Bro Remy –  a plaque which will go in our new entrance to mark the official opening of the new buildings.
  • Lewis Tung Y10 and Alex Kempster Y9 – the bread and wine.

Thank you to Fr Andrew from Bishop Eton who celebrated mass with us today.



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