26th November 2014

Car Parking outside school

I fully understand that it takes a little while for new systems to become embedded satisfactorily and the need to change the times of the school day and also the Woolton Hill Road entrance whilst building work is being completed is a case in point. However I feel that I have to write again regarding the need to park outside of school in such a way that the safety of pupils leaving the site is not compromised. Please do not:

  • Park on yellow school warning signs
  • Pull into the front gate to drop pupils off
  • Park partly on pavements thereby limiting room for pedestrians/pupils – particularly on Beaconsfield Road where pavements are very narrow
  • Make 3 point turns in the main road next to school
  • Make a ‘U’ turn immediately in front of the school gates
  • Park in such a way that other drivers or pupils/pedestrians cannot see
  • Park in such a way that emerging vehicles cannot travel along the road
  • Enter the school site to park as it is already congested
  • Park on grass verges
  • Park in such a way that prohibits other road users from driving along a road safely

Unfortunately examples of all of the above have occurred over the last few days, especially on Beaconsfield Road. It is really important that all drivers take the above on board for the safety of all pupils. The school’s Community Police Officer is working with school in order to resolve issues where drivers are not parking with the safety of others in mind and appropriate action is being taken by Merseyside Police.

We will continue to review the situation during the course of the building work and I do hope that everyone is able to take on board the points listed above. I do have to make it clear that if drivers are not able to take the points listed on board consideration may have to be given to limiting pupil access to Aldbourne Close only.

I do hope that everyone is able to co-operate with my request.


Yours sincerely


Mr L Rippon