Thanks to all those who responded to the invitation; unfortunately we have had to postpone the event despite a late rush of requests for tickets. As you can appreciate several features, catering organisation and financial outlay, based largely on ‘guestimates’, had to be in place by a certain time in order for things to run smoothly and we were not helped by having the half term break last week which no doubt delayed replies.

On the positive side it is clear that there is significant interest in staging such an event, a true celebration of sport as well as an occasion to look back on the most successful year in football that SFX has ever enjoyed. Also a slight delay will enable us to add features to the evening on the new date.

With this in mind we should appreciate your feedback on any features regarding the format of the evening which we can implement; doubtless several of you will have attended similar functions and have ideas to pass on. It is intended that the new date will be a Friday or a Saturday prior to Christmas; please pass on your thoughts on the possible dates and any questions that you might have.