As you will be aware from the school calendar sent home with your son/daughter on their first day, there is a Year 12 Information Meeting scheduled for Wednesday 12th September. This meeting will start at 7.00pm in the Main Hall and will last for no more than 1 hour. The meeting will cover the following areas:

1. Standards expected of students
2. Guidelines for success in Year 12
3. Assessments and examinations
4. Progression into Year 13

We have given lots of information to students to pass on to parent(s) so that all are sure of what is expected of students to ensure that the best possible examination results are achieved. In our experience, some Sixth Form students are economical with the information that they are prepared to take home from school and so parent(s) do not know accurately what is required of students to achieve success in the Sixth Form. Because of this, I really do urge you to attend this information evening so that you are fully aware of what we are doing so that all students achieve the best possible results in the Sixth Form. There will be an information booklet for each family to pick up on the evening which Mr Prescott will go over in the course of the hour.

It is a requirement that parent(s) and students attend if students are to continue in Year 12 at St Francis Xavier’s College.

At this meeting you will also receive copies of the three enrolment sheets completed by your son/daughter when they registered for Year 12. These forms need to be completed in full and two of them require parental signatures. Please return these forms to the College by 28th September 2012. Your son/daughter’s place in Year 12 is dependent upon these forms being completed by the deadline.