SFX Year 11 pupil, Declan, gave us an interview on his interest and participation in sports car racing. The schoolboy has been working with cars since he was 8, after his father sparked his interest in them a long time ago, although Declan told us that he doesn’t remember when he first started racing.

Motorsports is a growing area, with many disciplines including off-road rallying, Formula 1 and road racing. Since Declan started racing, his skill has taken him to many tournaments right across the UK, and to memorable places, including Belgium. Declan told us how he loves racing in tournaments and would love to get into F1, as it is the highest paid and most recognizable form of motor sports.

Ironically, Declan told how he doesn’t really enjoy watching racing on the television, he said, ‘It puts me asleep!’
Although he doesn’t enjoy watching it, he said his favourite racer is Lewis Hamilton. Declan then told us about his car, which was made in UK and can reach top speeds of 115mph.

He told us of one incident when he spun out and crashed during a race in the British Championships, and was badly injured. Declan suspected that he had broken his back and could be seriously hurt. Most people would never want to race again, never mind be able to, after such an injury in racing, but Declan declared, ‘I still wanted to carry on no matter what, it’s what I love’.

We then asked Declan about his career and what he wants to do. Declan said that he would obviously love to race and earn money from winning races but if this isn’t possible then he would like to work on mechanics and believes that he can do this with his experience and teaching from his dad.

Motorsports tournaments such as the British Championships in sports car racing and Dhaka Rally tournaments can earn you lots of money and could earn Declan fame and fortune and maybe even lead to him becoming a top star in the sport. Liverpool has, until now, failed to make its mark on the motorsports scene and this schoolboy could be one to look out for. We wish him all the best of luck in his future with the sport!