The PTA would like to thank ALL who have supported them by buying a ticket!

1st prize – Nintendo WII- Kieran Fullan Year 12
2nd prize – Football match tickets-Adam O’Sullivan Year 12
3rd prize – £20 Gift Voucher- Mark Pilling
4th prize – Tin Celebrations sweets-Mrs Dean
5th prize – Tin Biscuits-Liam Murphy Year 7
6th prize – Bottle Sherry-Joseph O’Reilly Year 7
7th prize – Bottle Martini-Mo King
8th prize – Cuddly Toy-Kieran Fullan Year 12
9th prize – Cuddly Toy-Mr Barry
10th prize- Cuddly toy-Michael Olszewski Year 7
11th prize- Quality Street- Mrs Grant
12th prize- Terrys Chocolate Orangex2-Jordan Rimmer Year 11