The Basic Skills Quality Mark is about recognising minimum standards in teaching literacy and numeracy. The Quality mark was brought about to provide a framework that would promote, support and celebrate the improvement of literacy and mathematics in schools.
The Secondary Quality Mark provides a framework for self evaluation and continuous improvement of the basic skills of all pupils in a school. This includes both those who underachive and those whose attainment is lower than would be expected of someone of their age.
The Secondary Quality Mark 10 elements are:
1. A whole school strategy and planning to improve performance in basic skills
2. An analysis of the assessment of pupil performance in basic skills
3. Target setting for the improvement of the school’s performance in basic skills
4. Basic skills improvement planning for pupils underattaining and/or underachieving
5. Regular review of the progress made by pupils underattaining and/or underachieving in basic skills
6. Provision to enable all pupils to gain appropriate national accreditation in basic skills
7. A commitment to improving the skills of staff to teach and extend basic skills
8. The use of a range of teaching and learning approaches, styles and materials to improve basic skills
9. The involvement of parents and carers in developing their child’s basic skills
10. An effective procedure for monitoring planning and assessing improvement in performance in basic skills
The award of the Basic Skills Quality Mark reflects the college’s commitment to ensure that, regardless of ability, all of our students are catered for and their successes celebrated.