Match played at Plessington Golf Course, Blackburn on Wednesday 11th February .

Third round match started with Daniel Cawley, followed by Matthew Thompson and Daniel Tiernan bringing up the rear. Daniel Cawley worked hard to set up a commanding lead of 5 strokes within the first 6 holes and looked likely to win the game with ease. In the mean time Matthew had a hard start losing 2 of the first due to excellent play by his opponent and some luck with the trees guiding the ball towards the hole!

Daniel Tiernan broke the deadlock quickly and went 2 up by the 5th hole. Everything looked good for the SFX boys to achieve a good win against the private school. Then like the grey clouds forming over the course, the games started to turn for the worse and all the SFX pupils started to have problems against the strong QEGS team. Daniel Cawley struggled with his short game and lost 5 holes in a row, with his opponent thinking the match had turned in his favour. Matthew couldn’t get his game going and slipped to 4 down by the 8th hole at Plessington. Daniel Tiernan was having a similar game like the rolling hills of the golf course, losing 3 holes to go 1 down. Then he started to fight back over the next 5 holes to go 2 up.

Daniel Cawley then saw the finish line and managed to win 2 and 1. QEGS 0 SFX 1. Unfortunately Matthew continued to battle against the QEGS player but finally lost 4 and 3. QEGS 1 SFX 1. Everything looked good with the sun coming out and Daniel Tiernan going 4 up with 4 to play. The QEGS player refused to give up and won the next 3 so that everything hinged on the 18th hole. With the usual cavalier manner Daniel focused, keeping his cool, and managed to draw giving us the overall win. QEGS 1 SFX 2.

Well done to the A Team and for getting into the 4th round of the competition.