Coat of Arms

The first quarter bears the emblem of St. Francis Xavier’s paternal grandfather, Jassu by name. Although born at Jassu, Francis was surnamed Xavier by his father after the castle where the Saint was born. The castle had been inherited by his mother, Moanna de Asnares.   The oak tree represen

ts strength and the bear, cunning. The Atondos – the family, of St. Francis’ paternal grandmother – are represented in the fourth quarter.   The crescents are probably reminders of victories over the Moors. The maternal grandfather bore the name Azpilcueta, a military family, as is shown by the typical black and white chess board in the third quarter.   The family of the maternal grandmother, the Aznares, one of the oldest families of Navarre, are represented in the second quarter by the chequered crescent, again a reminder of the struggles against the Moors