The Inclusion Centre augments the pastoral care strategies used at the College. The principles, which underpin its instigation, are those which are embodied in the college statement …life in all its fullness.

We recognise that at times, some of our students challenge the rights of others to learn and find it hard to accept their responsibilities in the learning community. As educators it is our role to help them equip themselves with the skills needed to make the right choices, to be able to co-exist with others and to live the Gospel values of love and respect.

Whilst attending the Inclusion Centre students are, as much as is possible, set the work they would normally be doing in class. This ensures continuity of learning and prevents disengagement. When appropriate students are referred to the college’s Learning Mentor for support with issues regarding self esteem or anger management. According to need, students may be reintegrated back into classes in order to achieve a positive outcome.