Why have a Chaplain and a Chaplaincy? What do the words actually mean?

Well, “chaplain” is derived from an old French word (“chapelain”) which comes from the Latin word “capella” meaning chapel or church. A chaplain is indeed generally someone who conducts church services for a particular group or establishment such as an army battalion, a hospital or a school. But beyond that, a chaplain is someone who helps develop the spiritual life of that group, making themselves available for individuals to come and talk to them about things that may be on their mind, spiritual or not. That’s where the Chaplaincy room comes in handy, as it serves as a place for pupils to meet the chaplain and can double as an office.

The Chaplaincy room (Newman Building, Ground Floor) is furnished and decorated in an informal way to help make pupils coming there feel relaxed and comfortable (armchairs, bean bag seats, stereo, prayer corner, etc…). It has proved very popular with the pupils.

The college Chaplain Bro. James also has a Blog (http://brojames.blogspot.co.uk) and a Twitter account @bro_james which hopefully may interest young people containing information and thoughts on a wide variety of subjects such as; films, music,  social justice, astronomy, events in the Church, sport, the Pope, life as a Brother and much more.