Department Vision:

Psychology is the study of the mind and behaviour and therefore the subject is relevant to everyone.

The aim of the department is to provide students with a solid grounding in Psychology. A variety of teaching and learning activities are utilised and students are given the opportunity to foster their independent study skills and to work as part of a group.

The skills that are developed will assist students in both their future courses of study and career paths. Students are able to apply their knowledge and understanding of human behaviour and gain a scientific insight into what makes people behave in particular ways.

As such, a qualification in Psychology is advantageous for a variety of occupations and future courses of study. Some students decide to study Psychology at degree level following their introduction to the discipline at SFX.

Curriculum Information

Key Stage 5

Year  12

  • Term 1 Topics: Research Methods/Abnormality
  • Term 2 Topics: Social Influence/Attachment
  • Term 3 Topics: Stress/Memory

Year 13

  • Term 1 Topics: Schizophrenia/Research Methods/Relationships
  • Term 2 Topics: Eating Behaviour/Relationships
  • Term 3 Topics: Aggression/Addiction



Department Staff:

  • Miss P. Finlay

Department Courses:

Key Stage 5:

A Level Psychology (AQA)

Out of Hours Activities:

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