Department Vision:

The Physics department at SFX has the vision of upholding the spirit of the enlightenment. Our aim is to encourage young people to be excited by science, to value its importance to our social and economic wellbeing, and to feel confident in its use. We see the value in a representative, well-qualified scientific workforce.


Curriculum Information

Key Stage 3

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Key Stage 4

Year 10

  • Term 1 Topics: Generating Electricity, Waves
  • Term 2 Topics: Electromagnetic Waves, Motion
  • Term 3 Topics: Forces, Work Energy & Momentum, Current Electricity

Year 11

  • Term 1 Topics:, Mains Electricity, Radioactivity, Energy from the Nucleus
  • Term 2 Topics: Medical Application of Physics, Using Physics to Make Things Work
  • Term 3 Topics: Using Magnetic Fields


Key Stage 5

Year  12

  • Term 1 Topics: Unit 1. Particles, quantum phenomena and electricity, Matter and Radiation, Quarks and Leptons, Quantum Phenomena, Unit 2. Mechanics, materials and waves,  Forces in equilibrium, On the move, Motion and Force.
  • Term 2 Topics: Unit 1. Electric Current, Direct Current, Unit 3 CAU Practical, Unit 2.Work, Energy and Power, Materials, Waves.
  • Term 3 Topics: Unit 1. Alternating current. Exam preparation, Unit 2. Optics, Unit 3 CAU Exam. Exam preparation

Year 13

  • Term 1 Topics: Unit 4. Fields and Further Mechanics, Force and momentum, motion in a circle, simple harmonic motion, Unit 5. Radioactivity, nuclear energy, thermal physics, gases.
  • Term 2 Topics: Unit 4. Gravitational Fields, Electric Fields, Capacitors Induction, Unit 5. Astrophysics (option module), Unit 6 CAU Practical
  • Term 3 Topics: Unit 4. Magnetic Fields, Electromagnetic, Unit 5. Astrophysics (option module), Unit 6 CAU Exam, Exam Preparation



Department Staff:

  • Mrs F. Evans - Head of Department
  • Mr S. Collins - Science Coordinator
  • Mr J. McMillan
  • Miss E. Gates

Department Courses:

Key Stage 3:

Schemes of work in line with the National Curriculum

Key Stage 4:

GCSE Core, Additional Science & Physics (AQA)

Key Stage5:

A Level Physics (AQA)

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