Department Vision:

The college offers students a chance to study Chemistry up to A2 level and has a proven track record of preparing young Chemists for further study at a higher level.

Chemistry allows students to develop their practical, analytical and research skills by learning in a variety of different styles. Chemistry is a practical based subject that gives students the chance to get ‘hands on’ experience of problem solving and investigations while considering how Chemistry is all around us in everyday life. IT plays an important role in studying Chemistry at any level and students are able to develop their IT skills when researching topics or presenting their findings.

The staff in the Department of Chemistry are committed to helping students develop their knowledge and interest in the subject, preparing the way for potential careers in any manufacturing industry, forensic science, nursing, cosmetics, medicine, dentistry, sports science, pharmaceutical design, brewing, petrochemicals and environmental sciences among many others.


Curriculum Information

Key Stage 3

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Key Stage 4 + 5


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Department Staff:

  • Mr J. Lal - Head of Department
  • Mr A. Daniels
  • Mr A. Higham
  • Dr R. Carvell

Department Courses:

Key Stage 3:

Schemes of work in line with the National Curriculum

Key Stage 4:

GCSE Core, Additional Science & Chemistry (AQA)

Key Stage 5:

A Level Chemistry (AQA)

Out of Hours Activities:


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