Department Vision:

Biology is the study of ‘Life, in all its fullness’!

The 21st Century will be an era of bioinformatics, biotechnology and environmental concern and consequence. The Biology department aims to provide pupils with the necessary knowledge, understanding and skills which allow them to make informed decisions about issues which will affect their own and others’ lives so that they can become effective contributors to the societies of today and tomorrow.

We aim to enhance and develop our students’ Scientific skills encouraging them to become independent learners who know ‘How to Work Scientifically’ and are capable of recalling, applying, analysing and evaluating biological knowledge & understanding. The department aims to motivate and inspire pupils thus raising standards within the subject.

The courses we currently offer, and will offer in the future, will allow pupils to create and move along a personalised pathway suited to their own individual aptitude and interest.


Curriculum Information


Key Stage 3

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Year 9

Year 9 sets are now following an 11/12 week rota with Chemistry & Physics and have 3 lessons per week of science.

  • Biology topics/units: Cell Biology (6 weeks)
  • Organisation (5-6 weeks)


Key Stage 4

Year 10

All students have 2 lessons per week of Biology.

  • Topics/units: Organisation (5-6 weeks)
  • Infection & Response (8 weeks)
  • Bioenergetics (9 weeks)
  • Homeostasis & Response (7 weeks)
  • Ecology (8 weeks)

Year 11

All students have 2 lessons per week of Biology but in addition to this, those students in sets G1 & Y1 have the opportunity of attending a further after-school lesson in order to help them cope with the demands of separate science.


  • Ecology (2 weeks consolidation if required)
  • Inheritance, Variation & Evolution (8 weeks)


Students studying Trilogy (Double Award):


  • Revision of all topics/units from Y9-11 (12-15 weeks).


Students studying Biology (Separate Science):


  • Extra content from previous topics/units (10 weeks)
  • Revision of all topics/units from Y9-11 (5 weeks)


Key Stage 5 – what course are you following with exam board and spec title:

AQA AS/A Level Biology 7401/7402

All students receive 5 taught lessons per week and 1 lesson of private study.

Year 12


  • Biological Molecules (6-7 weeks)
  • Cells (7-8 weeks)
  • Organisms Exchange Substances… (7-8 weeks)
  • Genetic Information, Variation… (7-8 weeks)
  • Genetics, Populations, Evolution… (Y13 unit)(5-6 weeks)

Year 13


  • Genetics, Populations, Evolution… (2-3 weeks consolidation)
  • Energy Transfers In & Between… (6-7 weeks)
  • Organisms Respond to Changes… (10 weeks)
  • The Control of Gene Expression (6-7 weeks)
  • Revision of Y12/13 content (5 weeks)


Department Staff:

  • Mr S. Irwin - Head of Department
  • Mrs L. Stephenson
  • Ms K. McCullough
  • Mrs L. Grace
  • Mr P. Evans

Department Courses:

Key Stage 3:

Schemes of work in line with the National Curriculum

Key Stage 4:

AQA GCSE Trilogy (Double Award) 8464 AQA GCSE Biology (Separate Science) 8461

Key Stage 5:

A Level Biology (AQA)

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