Jonathan Rigby from Year 10 will be travelling to London next Monday with a group of fellow students from the Liverpool Schools’ parliament to debate The Small Print Bill. Nick Palmer MP, who recently introduced a 10 Minute Rule Bill about the use of complicated and unreadable Small Print, is working alongside the Plain English Campaign to present an award to the MP who communicates most clearly and in easily understandable language. The students have been invited to express their concerns and give their opinion as young citizens on this topic. They will also take part in Question time chaired by Matthew Paris of the Times Newspaper to air their concerns regarding the use of small print on packaging, contract agreements and documents and how documents about children and young people are in adult speak rather than in child speak necessary for the target audience. The event will be recorded by Radio 4’s ‘Today Programme’ and Canadian TV.
Following all the hard work the students will be invited to take tea with the MPs in The Houses of Parliament and will also be given a conducted tour before returning to Liverpool.